Celebrate Christmas Season at Barbados

White Sand, Calm and Blue Water Beach, Coconut tree

5 Reasons Why Visit Barbados this Christmas Season

Barbados is an island in the eastern Caribbean. If you are looking for a new destination to shake up your typical Christmas holiday, this is a perfect new spot for you. Get to experience new things in Barbados and enjoy its white sandy beaches. Here are five reasons why you should visit Barbados this Christmas Season.

The Climate

Have you been freezing and need to feel the sun to a more enjoyable Christmas vacation? Barbados is warm at 24-29 degrees Celsius during the Christmas season. You’ll appreciate the cool island breeze. Enjoy the lush island without worrying about the rain and lower humidity. Barbados is near the equator which makes the Seawater temperatures warm at 28 degrees Celsius during December. Plus, you can expect 9-hour sunlight, so you will have a holiday well spent with family or friends.

Easy travel arrangement

Visa is not a requirement to visit Barbados for the citizens of USA, UK, Canada & Europe. Flight to Barbados Island is available daily and, you’ll be amazed that it is cheaper than other Caribbean Islands – with all the beautiful things it could offer.  The number of flights to Barbados increase during the winter season, but many people book flights earlier, so it’s still a good idea to reserve your seats ahead of time.

New Taste of Food and Rum

Barbados is the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. Indulge your taste bud with the Bajan specials. It will be worth to venture to visit an Island and taste something new this Christmas, right?  Bajan specials are Macaroni Pie, Flying Fish, ‘Christmas’ Ham, Yam Pie and Jug Jug (made mostly with pigeon peas). For dessert, you can have a big slice of Bajan Great Cake. Bajan Great Cake is soaked in rum which is traditionally served at Christmas event or weddings.

Don’t forget to visit the Island’s Mount Gay Rum. It is one of the oldest distillers in the world. Take note that the island is well known for its hand-crafted rum cocktails – it will be classic to have a taste of their rum.

Extraordinary Christmas Activities at the Beach

In Barbados, you can also do the shopping, so don’t worry about the wishlist of your family and friends this Christmas. Yes, you can also grab those for them. You deserve the best Christmas experience Barbados has to offer. Barbados beaches are ideal for families who like swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling or just floating to savor the moment.Don’t miss your chance to swim with giant sea turtles and tropical fish of all sizes and colors in the crystal-clear water of Barbados.

Christmas at the Prime Minister’s residence

During the Christmas season, the Prime Minister’s residence at Ilaro Court opens its gardens to the public. One of the most traditional events is called the Carols by Candlelight where you will enjoy an evening of caroling and performances by local artists, children’s groups and other acts on grounds of this noble home. Sponsors of the event are customarily seated on blankets spread on the green garden. The atmosphere is warming and welcoming, wishing all a wonderful night.

Have a Merry Barbados Trip!

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