How To Be on Google’s First Page in 2019



Google is the favourite search engine of the people globally on the internet. Imagine 4 Trillion internet users in the world, nearly 2 Trillion websites with almost 8 Million internet traffic in a day, can you tell where you at from this number? There is tremendous competition in the market.


Google uses ranking signals to command organic search page rankings. There are a lot of ranking factors in Google but, you do not need to apply all of them. Focus on the most influential one. Did you know that ranking in Google is all about the relevance of content to search intent and usefulness of content to the user?

Revisit your website and check its content, if you can’t find either of the two, then your position from the Trillions of competition, may not even be in the middle yet.

You only need one powerful thing to be on Google’s first page in 2019 and beyond – CONTENT!

You need a large volume of related content that matches search and presents the knowledge to the user. Content should be written with the optimization goal in mind.

Q&A formatting

Users enter their search intent with WH questions words like Why, How, What, Who etc. because they’re looking for specific answers. You need to know what and how could be a buyer’s question and what would be the answer. To meet this need, the question should be present in the content and your answer should give out enough information to the user.


Due to the cost of competition in the market, if you are a small business, you can choose keywords that are not very competitive but, these keywords need to be relevant to your business, product and content.

Know your audience

Understanding your audience makes a great impact on your website.  If you understand who your target audience is, what they will be searching for, you will be able to create a more effective content that can help you rank in google.

Value your readers

Think about your readers as you write. Is the information you’re writing helpful for them? Does it answer their questions? Do you think, they’ll ask for more information? Think about sharing a helpful information to a friend who needs to shop, eat, or drink. Do the same with your content. Write and create contents like you are extending help to your friends and family.

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