JPHP Studios Review

JPHP Studios Review

Services from videography and photography to high quality studio production. JPHP studios represent diversity and style. 

"Still Waters Run Deep"

Let's Talk About It.

JPHP Studios was created in August 2009 with the vision to be the creative
conduit to society through which businesses and creatives can engage their
audience.  They provide the bridge between varying industries, niches and markets to a wide demographic.

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The Team

The in house members of JPHP Studios have professional knowledge in their respective fields. Also to add, each member posses a firm grasp on consumer relations.
This is accomplished with the “early adopter mentality”, which plays a pivotal role in the constantly evolving niche market within mainstream culture.

The Team at JPHP studios have a great working knowledge of the industry, acquired by their professional track record from the productive originals involved.

Their management style consists heavily of teamwork and a dedicated customer focused atmosphere. This shows their passion for customer service both internally and externally. Evidently highlighted with their flexibility towards clients when taking into consideration the implementation of new ideas and concepts.


Studio Production



Graphic Design

They have worked with major brands, companies and various businesses; Elite Team Entertainment, LIME, Spektrum, Monsterpiece Studios, Neliux and a wide variety of artist who have given them the motivation and support to continue and drive for excellence in their work.

The Highlight Reel

Future Moves

With planning, learning and observing during their periods of interaction with clients, they are always seeking the opportunity to capitalise on new ventures. This gives the team an ability to stay up to date with the
current market climate and foresight to read the pulse of the culture. Which will proficiently place them at the forefront of new creations, new trends and market opportunities.

Hope you have enjoyed this review of JPHP studios, look forward to working with you and your brand in the future. We at Sokarii wish you great success in all your endevours.

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