The Ones Who Are Crazy Enough

Motivation Mondays

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do

I know we’ve all got that one dream, that one desire and that one goal.That just fills us up mentally, physically and spiritually. This ambition that brings us a sense of drive, motivation if you will that when you think about it, there is an instant adrenaline rush… pure nirvana.

Now I want you to constantly remember that feeling because when that vision you have involves other people, It makes it the more special.

As the words from Maya Angelou states ” I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Let Me Share a quick story…

One day while Khrisna and Shri were out for a stroll,Shri said, “If you permit… Can I ask you something??”

Khrisna smiled and replied, “Sure, you can ask me anything without hesitation…”

Shri said, “I don’t understand why Karla is considered a most generous person of all…”

Khrisna smiled and replied, “Sure, Ii won’t just tell you.. You can see for yourself..”

Just then in a blink, Khrisna turned the two nearest hills into gold.

After that, Khrisna instructed Shri to distribute the gold from the hills among people from the nearest village.

As instructed, Shri immediately went to the hills and then called villagers to distribute gold to them. When the  villagers came, he asked them to stand in queue and then started giving away gold to them one by one.

Villagers after started praising him. Listening to all the praise, Shri felt proud. By this time his ego had started to get into him.

For two consecutive days and nights Shri kept on digging gold and distributing amongst villagers. The villagers were coming back in queue for gold each time, Shri was tired and not a bit of gold lessen from the hill.

Shri got so tired that that he went back to Khrisna and said, “I am tired, I can’t do it anymore…”

Khrisna smiled and replied, “It’s ok. You can rest.”

Khrisna called Kai and aked him to distribute the gold among the villagers from those hills. Kai immediately left to distribute the gold among the villagers.

He called all villagers and after everyone was gathered. Kai announced, “This gold belongs to you… You may take as per your requirement..”

After saying those words Kai left. Shri was so surprised and confused. Khrisna understood.

Khrisna said to Shri, “When you were asked to distribute the gold, you were deciding about the requirement of each villager’s need of gold. You were doing it knowing that was it’s charity.

When Kai just gave away all the gold and left. He didn’t even wait for people to praise or cheer him,. He was not interested in what people will say about him, Which is the sign of a man who had become enlightedned.

Shir question was answered to him in a beautiful manner… by his own actions.


Keep in mind… Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.” Albert Einstein

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